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1. Design-Based Identification with Formula

Instruments: A Review

with Kirill Borusyak and Peter Hull

Conditionally accepted Econometrics Journal, 2023

2. Revisiting Event Study Designs: Robust and Efficient Estimation

with Kirill Borusyak and Jann Spiess

Accepted Review of Economic Studies, 2023

3. Are Trade Wars Class Wars?

The Importance of Trade-Induced Horizontal Inequality

with Kirill Borusyak

Accepted Journal of International Economics, 2023

5. The Local Labor Market Effects of Modern Manufacturing Capital:
Evidence from France

with Philippe Aghion, Celine Antonin and Simon Bunel

American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, 2023

6. Quasi-experimental Shift-Share Research Designs

with Kirill Borusyak and Peter Hull

Review of Economic Studies, 2022

12. Who Becomes an Inventor in America?

The Importance of Exposure to Innovation

with Alex Bell, Raj Chetty, Neviana Petkova and John Van Reenen

Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2019

13. Do Tax Cuts Produce More Einsteins? The Impacts of Financial

Incentives vs. Exposure to Innovation on the Supply of Inventors 

with Alex Bell, Raj Chetty, Neviana Petkova and John Van Reenen 

Journal of the European Economic Association, 2019

14. Team-Specific Capital and Innovation

with Alex Bell and Neviana Petkova

American Economic Review, 2018

16. Education and Military Rivalry

with Philippe Aghion, Dorothee Rouzet and Torsten Persson

Journal of the European Economic Association, 2018

17. Knowledge Spillovers, Innovation and Growth

with Philippe Aghion

The Economic Journal, 2015


18. The Distributional Effects of Trade:

Theory and Evidence from the U.S.

with Kirill Borusyak

June 2021, revise and resubmit Econometrica

20. Five Facts about MPCs:

Evidence from a Randomized Experiment

with Johannes Boehm and Etienne Fize

November 2023

19. Social Push and the Direction of Innovation

with Elias Einiö and Josh Feng

October 2023

25. Heterogeneous Price Rigidities and Monetary Policy

with Chris Clayton and Andreas Schaab

August 2018

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